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Brand: Mr. Ketkar
Cashew (and cashew fruit):A powerful antioxidant pigment in cashew, called Zea Xanthin, can help to fight several eye infections, which are caused due to pollution. According to nutritionist Anju Sood, this pigment directly gets absorbed to the retina and created a protective layer on it to prevent ..
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Brand: Timbaktu
Pure organic, your body reflects what you eatNo pesticides, no chemicals, no fertilizersNo additives, no polishCultivated in India and tasty and good for your healthYou will feel energeticIf you are unaware about the benefits of including Ragi in your diet, we have reasons and expert advice for why..
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Fruit Basket-2Kg Fruit Basket-2Kg
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Brand: AR4
Health Benefits of Apples & Product Description     Organically Grown:   Straight from the orchard with careful post harvest process and packing.  You can eat with the skin as there us no wax added.  Freshly delivered without preservatives and shipm..
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Ginger (Zingiber officinale)Ginger (Zingiber officinale) belonging to the family Zingiberaceae is one of the most widely used dietary condiment all over the world. It is a herbaceous perennial with rhizomes as its economic part. Aromatic and pungent in nature, ginger adds a special fl..
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Brand: Timbaktu
Our groundnut oil is made from organically grown groundnuts, cold-pressed in the traditional 'ghani' method.Legal Disclaimer: :While we are sourcing the product  from other farmers to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. Ac..
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Brand: Timbaktu
Our organically grown groundnuts are handpicked and hand cleaned.Nutrition values of Timbaktu Organic Groundnuts:Protein (% mass)29.96Fat (% mass)47.49Carbohydrates (% mass)11.55Energy (K Cals / 100 g)593.45Legal Disclaimer: :While we are sourcing the product  from other farmers ..
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NUTRITION 8 Health Benefits of Guava Fruit and Leaves Guavas are tropical trees originating in Central America. Their fruits are oval in shape with light green or yellow skin and contain edible seeds. What’s more, guava leaves are used as an herbal tea and the leaf extract as a supplement..
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Product DescriptionHimayat ExoticAlso known as “Imam Pasand” An exotic variety mango which was one of the highly liked varieties by the queen of England. ‘Himayat’ is one of the best mangoes of India, ideally suited for dessert, the table and show.The fruit weighs 350 gm or more an..
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Product DescriptionHimayat Premium Also known as “Imam Pasand”  A premium variety mango which was one of the highly liked varieties by the queen of England. ‘Himayat’ is one of the best mangoes of India, ideally suited for dessert, the table and show.   The fruit..
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Brand: Dr. Negi
Himalayan Wild Floral Honeyto take out honey from the beehive. Red honey is mostly sold all over the world but quality is something, which is disturbing these days. AR4 Fresh has emphasised on the quality from start to finish. And, with our partners we have cleared our terms which are quality and au..
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Brand: Timbaktu
Rockbee Honey is Natural, Raw, Unpasteurized and Unprocessed Honey.Timbaktu Rockbee Honey is just about RAW because it is utterly unheated, unprocessed, and unfiltered. one can easily consume this pure natural honey and make out its rawness by its natural aroma.Considering its powerful composition, ..
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Certified Organic. Free from Chemicals and Pesticides. Grown without synthetic Pesticides, or synthetic GMOs or Unadulterated.Gayathri Collective -Pune Organic Jaggery Lump organically processed and is produced through totally traditional methods.A good sugar replacer and is used as a natural sweete..
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